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Discover Fiji In A New Way, Travel Local

Our goal is to make it simple for communities and local tour operators to advertise their offerings to tourists in search of fresh vacation ideas.

Why List With Us?

Find New Places

Help locals and international tourists discover hidden tourist spots. Promote your community, list your activities and services

Prices and Details

List down the services and activities you offer at your tourist spot. Display pricing packages and directly get bookings confirmed.


Promote Local

Encourage visitors to your neighbourhoods, attractions, and establishments across the country. 

We Help You Grow

  • Details

    Display information about your business origin, services,vision, mission, projects and clients served

  • Bookings

    Customers can directly contact you for a booking, quote or inquiry.

  • Location

    Mapping your property location allows customers see exact position of the property in the region

  • Analytics

    Monitor traffic and the number of visitors to your business profile

  • Reviews

    Positive reviews and comments from customers can help your services attract new clients and identify areas where current clients feel you're falling short.


Get Wet

Quite Forest

The long walk


Chasing waterfalls and capturing moments

Embark on the ultimate adventure as we journey through untamed landscapes on a river safari. 🚤🌿 Get ready to witness nature’s hidden gems, from majestic wildlife to breathtaking sunsets, all from the comfort of our boat. Let the currents of excitement carry you away as we explore the heart of wilderness together.

Events Happening Around You

  • Bookings

    Confirm your attendance at events happening around you by simpily filling up an RSVP form.

  • Tickets

    Purchasing tickets for your upcoming shows and concerts is a breeze. Ticketing websites like TicketMax make it simple to buy tickets.

  • Location

    Mapping allows you to navigate easily to events.

  • Countdown

    Countdown alerts you to know when the event will go live

Bring Back Local Tourism, Go For Local

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