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ESP represents the forefront of environmental testing excellence in Fiji, spearheading private sector-driven initiatives. Our specialized focus encompasses Air Quality Testing, Water Quality Testing, Noise Testing, UV Light Penetration Testing, Soil Testing, and a wide array of interconnected data collection services, tailored to meet the exacting standards of professionals like you.

What sets ESP apart is our unwavering commitment to efficiency. Our environmental testing services are meticulously accredited to ISO, IANZ, and USEPA standards, ensuring that you receive the highest level of precision and reliability. We have forged strategic alliances with regional academics, esteemed researchers, regulatory authorities, influential NGOs, community-based associations (CBAs), as well as local industry luminaries and experts in pivotal domains such as Air Quality, Water Quality, Waste Management, Coastal Processes, Climate Change, and GIS systems. This extensive network bolsters the robustness of our services.

At the core of our mission is a solution-oriented approach. We thrive on addressing the pressing needs of environmental data collection, fully aligned with Fiji's legislative framework, which includes the Climate Change Act (2021), Environmental Management Act (2005), and the Waste Disposal & Recycling Regulations (2007).

ESP's meteoric rise since its inception attests to our unwavering dedication to excellence. We've rapidly cultivated a substantial Business-to-Business (B2B) client base, empowered by a recent surge in regulatory momentum aimed at enforcing environmental monitoring across Fiji. Compliance with legal mandates has become pivotal, and ESP stands ready to assist in fulfilling these requirements.

Moreover, we are deeply attuned to Fiji's sustainable development vision, its long-term climate ambitions, net-zero emissions goals, and its resolute commitment to safeguarding its pristine environment. Our suite of monitoring services encompasses critical areas, including Air Quality Testing, Water Quality Testing, and Noise Testing. ESP is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of environmental compliance and data collection, enhancing your professional endeavors and contributing to a sustainable future for Fiji.

Services Offered
  • Environmental Compliance Advisory and Consultancy Services.
  • Ambient Air Quality Testing and Monitoring.
  • Stack Emission Air Quality Testing.
  • Dust Monitoring Services.
  • Sound Pressure Test (Environmental and Industrial).
  • Water Quality Testing Services.
  • Soil Testing.
  • UV Light Detection.
  • Many other environmental testing requirements.
  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Waste Permit condition fullfilment
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