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Prasad Kava dealers is a family owned kava selling business hub situated in Naboutini, Sabeto which is a village district of Fiji’s main Tourist town of Nadi of mainland Viti Levu. We at Prasad Kava dealers specialize in selling dry kava powder to both local citizens of Fiji as well as exporters to our International clients.


Kava is a well-kept secret used from centuries by the Polynesian and Melanesian natives: an iconic crop of the Pacific Island nations. The plant comes from the pepper family known as Piper Methysticum. Traditionally, in Fiji kava, also known as ‘yaqona’ or ‘grog’ was solely used as a ceremonial drink by the native Fijians honouring their Chiefs. It has now become a pleasant relaxation drink and is enjoyed by everyone, emerging as a popular social, cultural, ceremonial, economic and commercial product and cash crop in Fiji. Only the roots of the plant are used for making the drink. Firstly, sun-dried kava roots are pound till it turns into a fine brown powder. The powder is then mixed with water through a muslin cloth. The muslin cloth helps strain all the gritty particles of the root out so that a smooth silky brown drink is left for enjoyment. Given its effectiveness as a relaxant and anti-depressant, the Fiji kava is also becoming internationally renowned as a pharmaceutical product sold in many pharmacies across the world.

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Prasad Kava Dealers

Prasad’s Kava Dealers is ready to serve Fijis Unique National and Cultural Drink that has various medicinal value to International markets straight up to your comfortable homes to help individuals socialize over a bowl of Kava. We specialize in Export of Kava to various overseas countries as well as sell locally to our Fijian Citizens. Our business operates from Sabeto in Nadi which is also well known for Tourism attractions ranging from the Garden Island of Sleeping Giant to the Hot Springs and Mud Pools. The Kava supplied by us comes from the fertile lands and green lush colors of Vanua Levu specifically from the farmers of Savusavu, Fiji to suit the taste and match the refreshing preferences of customers across the Seas. From there it is transported to Nadi International Airport in Viti Levu where we collect upon arrival. Then it is taken to our Home whereby it is packed and supplied through Shipment or Aircraft to our kava lovers overseas.
Our Family Guarantee every purchase of Kava made will be worth every dollar you will spend. We take heed of our customers best interests at heart and try to deliver top-notch Kava as well as reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. It is said that “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Overall Kava drinking can bring any society of different race and religion as well as different gender groups of people together for a great cause. The Quality of Kava and the services provided is not what the supplier puts in but it is what the customers gets out and is willing to pay for. Kava is a beverage that is now an option or a substitute for people who do not drink Alcohol. This line of business brings in Good Revenue opportunities that enables us to honor and appreciate our farmer’s hard work, and dedication along with the amount of time spent to cultivate their lands to plant Kava. Also gives us exporters a chance to give back to our nation by contributing to Fiji's economic growth. It is very important that we are able to fulfill customer orders and by working hand in hand with the supplier base who is very supportive as well as our beloved kava customers understanding and contribution helps us to achieve our sales target where we do not have to compromise our Quality above Quantity and make our customers have a delightful experience by getting the real taste of Viti Kava and keep our Spirits High all year around.
Enjoy the Real taste of Fiji Kava from Prasad kava dealers

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  • Noellie Garand
    November 28, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    Definitely a trustworthy kava brand. Nice customer service. Thank you Saleshni.

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