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Which is listing is for me ?


A marketplace listing is for sellers of commonplace items such as electronics, furniture, and household goods. This is a unique buy-and-sell segment where sellers can categorise their items to make them easily accessible to potential buyers.

E.g Fridge, shoes, electronics, furniture, eqipments, etc

Explore listing is for listors who wish to promote new tourist attraction to both domestic and foreign visitors. 
These may include hiking destinations, waterfalls, tours, and farmers markets
E.g waterfall, hikes, boat rides, etc
This service listing is for providers of common and essential services, such as cleaners, babysitters, mechanics, 
plumbers, and other trades. You must have relevant experience and provide these services either during work hours or after hours. You can be either a business or a freelancer to offer this service.
E.g mechanics, cleaners, nanny, tradies, services that are charged by hr or after hours
Real Estate

As an agent or owner posting property for sale or rent, this listing caters to housing 

and commercial property needs.

E.g property for sale or rent


This is dedicated platform for selling automobiles, trucks, and auto parts, where you 

can answer buyers’ everyday questions.

E.g cars, trucks, heavy machinery, engine parts, etc


This listing is intended for restaurants and event caterers to list their services. Display your location, menu options, and past catering events to attract.

E.g. resturants, caterers, home food deliverycustomers who are searching for your services.


Employers/Businesses are able to post job openings with detailed descriptions and categorise them to specific job descriptions, allowing the ideal candidate to find them and apply. Jobs can be linked to an employer’s profile for information about the business.

E.g job posting for full time, part time and even voluntary and temporary

Businesses can create portfolio describing their organization’s history, services, advertisements, and promotions. 
Connect to services such as jobs and events to inform customers of available positions and forthcoming events. 
This is an excellent, inexpensive alternative to having website.
E.g any business who will list down all their services they off, if your business offer services by hr or on-call or appointment basis choose “services” as your listing

This listing is intended for event organizers who wish for users to be aware of upcoming activities in their vicinity. Event organizers are able to sell tickets directly through platforms like Ticketmax.

E.g Event oragniser for music, comedy, church and public webiners, etc