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A changed Buy & Sell Platform?

Let's change how we look at our iconic Buy and Sell platforms in Fiji. Safer, Faster & Better

Why List With Us?

Detailed listing

Provide the most important details in a clear and organised fashion so that potential buyers can focus on the products most salient features.

Catagory search

Users can quickly find products on sale on our platform thanks to our extensive category system. E.g. house furniture

Location mapping

Mapping and geolocation of products allow validity of products being sold on the platform

Find Products Quickly On Marketplace

Customers are able to peruse the various listings available thanks to the extensive categorization and simple search via zones and location mapping. The purpose of the platforms is to filter out spammers and overseas scammers who disrupt domestic classifieds sites. This marketplace provides a protected environment for anyone looking to buy and sell goods online.

Hightlight The Key Features

  • Details

    Display information about your vehicle, listing its main information, and highlighting key features of the item

  • Location

    Having a listing location allows better search results and product validation

  • Contact

    Send the listowners a private note or get in touch with them by phone or email. Having an address makes it easier to find and contact someone.

  • Validated Profiles

    Every user on our platform has to go through email, phone and social media verification before they can list with us. Scammers and fraudsters are reported and banned immediately.

Find Preowned/New Cars For Sale

We developed a special listing type for second-hand owners of vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, waterboard machines) and auto parts. categorising everything so that clients may find what they're seeking quickly and easily.

Are You A Business Who Sells & Rents Cars?

Car dealerships, rental agencies, and other businesses can advertise their current sales, inventory, and rental options here.

Detailed Listing

We developed a new form of listing in which the most important details of every given listing are brought to the forefront.

Direct Messaging

Get in touch with the seller instantly for viewing and bargaining. Contact details and ID create validity of each listing.

Lisitng Location

A user can verify a listing's legitimacy and the location of the item being sold by viewing its pinpoint on a map.

Low Cost

Posting vehicle listings is affordable with a longer duration and outreach to everyone

Digital Space For All Vehicle Sales?

Contact the list owners in a personal message or via phone or email. The platform offers a much simpler way to locate and get in touch with someone who has an address.

Transform To A Digital Platform Easily

As a result, we are altering the ways in which products are marketed and sold in online marketplaces. Because of our sophisticated category structure and extensive product data, you may narrow your audience’s focus and cater to them more precisely on our platform. Users can peruse a wide selection of goods using the catalogue system. Quick Find Fiji streamlines the procedure for you.