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Steps To Do Your Listing

Get everything you need in one place

Sign Up via Social Login

swift registration for users without a new password to remember. Logging in and creating an account through a social network is a breeze. A one-time-password (OTP) verification pin will be given to the user's email upon first usage.

Dashboard & Manage Listing

Your analytics data, active and expired listings, and promoted items can all be seen and managed from your dashboard. This is the nerve centre from which everything is controlled.

Choose Your Listing Type

Choose the type of listing based on what you are trying to do. Selling, creating an event, business profile, etc. Different listing types have different features to highlight your listing with the most functional and attractive features.

Choose Your packages

Packages vary in terms of listing time, listing boost for higher rankings, and social media promotion.

Listing Form details

Keep in mind that the listing form you require may vary depending on the sort of listing you want to create. Being as descriptive as possible will assist your clients understand your services better and making sure to cover all the essentail anda needed component.

Important Details

Your ad will do better if you include high-quality photographs of your work, select the appropriate category, and accurately map out your location.

Payment for listing and services

After reviewing your order information, you can select from one of three different payment methods. The Fiji dollar is accepted with all major credit cards. If you have chosen a free package option, this is not essential.

Displays your listing

Once we approve your listing form, the details you provide will appear on your profile page. You can modify them as you see fit by adding or removing text, changing the order of the images, or providing links to other listings you have created. Opportunities like this may arise in the workplace, the marketplace, or elsewhere.