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Looking to Buy, Sell or Rent Your Property?

Listing with us will change the real estate market for everyone involved, whether you're a homeowner, agent or customer.

Why List With Us?

Search easily

Help customers find what they need. Our category and price system helps them find your listing and contact you quickly for viewing.

Summary details

Provide the most important details in a clear and organised fashion so that potential buyers can focus on the property's most salient features.

Combine listings

You shouldn't limit your clients' choices to just one of your listings; instead, you should present them with alternate possibilities. Sell more to customers.

Real Estate Just Got Easier For Everyone

Let’s alter the current real estate industry’s approach to marketing and sales through traditional media like Facebook & Instagram. We aim to provide users of Quick Find Fiji with instantaneous details on houses for rent and sale in the area. Customers will be able to take advantage of our many services, including housing acquisition, market research, loan management, and more, much more quickly thanks to our lightning-fast search results. We encourage real estate professionals and homeowners to take advantage of this revolutionary new digital platform, which will change the real estate industry in Fiji.

Features To Highlight your Property

  • Details

    Display important information in summarised format with tags to highlight unqiue features.

  • Bookings

    Customers can directly contact you for a booking, quote or inquiry.

  • Location

    Mapping your property location allows customers see exact position of the property in the region

  • Analytics

    Monitor traffic and the number of visitors to your listing

  • Ranking

    Promote or boost your lsting with us to be found more easily on search engines and by users.

What is our goal with this?


We want to provide users with a system that allows them to search for properties quickly and easily with the click of a button.


Our mapping system will enable users to find the property location and see nearby amenities.


Summarised info enables agents and owners to highlight the important info to the users

Market Price

Having a database of property value will create consumer price awareness, loan management and investment.


Users will have the ability to compare two properties side by side which will enable them to make better decision


The use of data enables real estate agents to accurately target the appropriate demographic with their property listings.

Have any question?

Who posts the listing?

Home owners or real estate agents who has listing rights to the property for selling and rent

How much does it cost?

Every listing is eligible for a 15-to-60-day free trial period for a limited time, after which it must be renewed. Paid listing enables you to showcase additional features to consumers.

Does users contact QFF or the listing agents?

Users are to contact the agent directly and do all booking with them. Quick Find Fiji (QFF) isnt responsible for the handling that info

What if client doesn`t like my listing?
There is pessimistic mindset on the Fijian real estate market, with agents believing that clients will see other houses on public platform and purchase House from Agent rather than House from  Agent 1. Well, it can work both ways; clients of Agent can purchase home from Agent 1. 
In addition to those who purchase packages to promote the listing more for engagement, public platforms create awareness and market all properties equally.
How is this better than Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, social media platforms are free, but not all potential customers are on both. On a public domain such as this, all types of users are attracted, as Quick Find Fiji serves various demographics of users. Your social media post will be lost in a sea of trendier posts on social media platforms, which will distract your clients. The QFF platform provides a user-friendly interface, important and detailed information, and numerous additional features that no other platform can match.