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Are you a business who needs a digital platform?

Avoid the high cost of setting up a website. Our directory puts your contact information in front of customers who are looking for your services.

Why List With Us?

All the essentials

We've presented your company's information in a visually appealing and easy-to-digest way on our website to give customers all the information they need to decide to do business with you.

Catagory search

Users can quickly find companies that provide services to a specific industry or field on our platform thanks to our extensive category system. E.g. all businesses under contruction

Combine listings

Customers will have an easier time finding you and contacting you if your company is properly geo-located. Having immediate access to relevant contact information.

Transform To A Digital Platform Easily

By incorporating the same kinds of tools that can be found on conventional company websites, brochures, and profiles, our system has proven to be versatile enough to meet the needs of any kind of organisation. A Simple Search to meet the needs of both its modern and traditional customers we built a user interface that is both intuitive and easy to read.

You Dont Need A Website After You List With Us

Once you have listed with us, you won’t even need a website. After your firm is listed, it has all the typical website elements, such as a direct contact form, portfolio, biography, corporate vision, booking, reviews, location, and the option to join up for email marketing. Web design, development, cybersecurity, maintenance, and more will all cost you thousands less. We make it possible for companies to launch a website in as little as 10 minutes.

Features To Highlight your Business

  • Details

    Display information about your business origin, services,vision, mission, projects and clients served

  • Bookings

    Customers can directly contact you for a booking, quote or inquiry.

  • Location

    Mapping your property location allows customers see exact position of the property in the region

  • Analytics

    Monitor traffic and the number of visitors to your business profile

  • Reviews

    Positive reviews and comments from customers can help your company attract new clients and identify areas where current clients feel you're falling short.

Digital Marketing Space For You Business

We’re establishing central hub where local companies may reach their target demographics. 
Send us your artwork (video or banner graphics) or pay our agents to design for you at low cost using one of our advertising packages. 
To promote your business to our users, we team up with local experts in branding. (Coming soon)

Post Your Job Listing With Us

Post up a job opening and link it directly to your business profile. Post Services, Jobs and Special Events all under one platform.

Job Catagory

Applicants can find the exact position they're qualified for thanks to the extensive job categories.

Directly Apply

Interested candidates can directly apply for the jobs businesses list right from Quick Find Fiji

Job Location

Candidates can search jobs based on regions and cities and exact location on our maps

Low Cost

Posting job listings is affordable with a longer duration and outreach to everyone

Digital Space For All Job Openings

Through this medium, we can build a digital job market where anyone can post a job, search for suitable candidates, and advance in their careers. Youth and labour market data can foretell employment opportunities in expanding industries and geographic regions. As a result, the company’s marketing department will be able to quickly and easily post job openings online and attract qualified candidates.

Transform To A Digital Platform Easily

We are automating a process that previously required several systems, people, and expertise levels. You won’t have to spend money on radio, television, facebook newspaper, viber notification ,magazine ads, or on handouts to promote your business or upcoming event. Quick Find Fiji makes the process seamless for you.