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Do you offer day-to-day services? Looking for a digital platform to promote those services

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Get Found

Almost everyone uses the internet to look for something, you can post your services on our site and have them instantly seen by our users.


Marketing & Promo

Let's be honest: advertising and public relations are tough. Promote your business in Quick Find and our various marketing packages will handle all the promotions for you


Our listing bundles are reasonably priced. You can list with us without breaking the bank, whether you are just getting started, running a side gig, or having a thriving enterprise.

Trusted Service Providers

Trusted service providers help individuals and businesses feel safe and secure. We get knowledgeable and honest help by entrusting our demands to respected professionals. These providers consistently deliver high-quality services, saving us time and reducing risks. Quick Find Fiji, encourages established and informal service providers (not yet registered) to list their services on the platform, seek reviews from every client served and establish a high quality service delivery.

Features To Make you Stand Out

  • Portfolio

    List down details of the services you offer, clients you serve, and your operational hrs

  • Bookings

    Customers can directly contact you for a booking, quote or inquiry.

  • Location

    Mapping your operational location enables customers to find you much faster

  • Reviews

    Seeking reviews from every clients served ranks you higher in search results and generates more customers choosing you

Who Are we Looking For ?

under construction


Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, tiling, draftsmen, construction

If you offer services in the construction field, this is for you

Emergency Services

Mechanics, locksmiths, towing, events security, stay at home nurse

If you provide services that are immediately needed


Truck movers, clearing junks, long haul transport, funeral services, heavy machines or equipment on hire

If you offer transport for private transport, moving furniture, etc


Electronics, appliances, furniture, upholstery

If you offer any type of repair or expertise in certain product


Housegirls, compound cleaning, office cleaning, carpet and window cleaning, waste removal, water blasting

If you offer any type of cleaning services


Events Services

Makeup artists, cooks or chefs on hire, musicians/bands on employment, DJ services

If you provide add-on services, for example, a wedding needs a band for music, DJ

bug fixing

Computer & IT

Freelance IT support, design advertisement products (logo, posters)

If you offer IT-related support, troubleshooting or consultation 

Care Giving

Old people care, nannies, pet care and grooming, house watch

If you have experience or certification on how to offer care giving services


Business or Accounting consultants or advisors, Teachers & Tutors, Wedding Planners, translators

If you provide services by hr, expert ina field or background via experience, etc

Build Trust & grow together

How will it Help Your customer?

Customers will evaluate your business based on testimonials and the breadth of services you provide. Maintaining a comprehensive portfolio and happy clients is crucial to the success of any firm.


The more positive feedback you receive from customers, the more likely it is that you will be employed again and recommended.


Before hiring you, customers want your past and experience. Your portfolio in our system will assist them choose this service.


Our search engine prioritises top-rated results. You'll get better referrals than low-rated people.



Put your company's or your own identification out in the open to build credibility and prevent fraud.

Get Found. Get Hired

Grow your business and offer your services on this new digital space

Have any question?

I am not a registered business?

Numerous informal service providers (those who are not registered for tax or business purposes) deliver work of a higher quality than professional businesses. Quick Find Fiji encourages anyone offering these services to join our platform, develop, and establish a legitimate business. This platform intends to facilitate the establishment of digital enterprises in Fiji.

Is it free?

Every listing is eligible for a 15-to-60-day free trial period for a limited time, after which it must be renewed. Paid listing enables you to showcase additional features to consumers.

How do we hire?

Quick Find Fiji is not responsible for unfinished work or unresponsive service providers; all contracting must be conducted between the client and service provider via their provided contact information. If a service provider fails to respond to your request, you may contact our customer service department for assistance.

Any money return guarenty for unsatisfy service?

Quick Find Fiji is not liable for any transactions between a client and a service provider. Customers must conduct their own research prior to employing them; we simply advertise their services.

Scammers and bad services

Quick Find Fiji ensures that service providers are removed from the platform if they consistently fail to provide consumers with satisfactory work. By removing them from our platform, we intend to provide service providers of superior quality who deliver satisfactory results.

Who fact checks the review?

Any client who discovered a service provider on our platform and engaged them directly through the contact information listed in their profile is permitted to post an admin-approved review. Customers must provide a thorough explanation alongside photographs and ratings as proof. Negative and positive fake evaluations will be flagged and removed from the platform.